Have you ever been bothered by any of the following at an event?

  • Guests (and staff) throwing trash into the recycling bins

  • No recycling bins in sight, even though the event is serving bottles, cans, and other recyclables

  • Perfectly edible pans of food being thrown away

  • The default use of plastic and polystyrene serviceware

  • Tons of leftover swag items that are now outdated due to event branding

  • The sheer volume of waste thrown away at the end of the night

Me too.

That's why I created this course.

As an event professional, you’ve seen the problem of event waste first-hand. You’ve seen disposable products, leftover food, outdated swag and more get thrown away after events. And you’ve felt bad about it, but something was always standing in your way of rescuing those resources, whether it was lack of time, lack of staff, or lack of the right system in place.

Become a zero waste leader.

Learn how to deliver dramatic sustainability results that attract and add value for clients.

  • Achieve zero waste

    By following the simple 6-step process in this course, you’ll divert a significant amount of waste from the landfill and be equipped to aim for the goal of a zero waste event.

  • Attract & retain clients

    Today's event clients have a growing need to demonstrate their commitment to the environment. Win their business by offering a zero waste program that yields dramatic results.

  • Make your clients look like sustainability rock stars

    With the easily shareable results you'll generate from your zero waste program, you'll have the opportunity to gain recognition from the community for your clients (and yourself), plus show leadership in your industry.

Make zero waste part of your event's success story.

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What clients say about my course & educational presentations:

Beth Hernandez-Casey

Excellent course, actionable insight

Beth Hernandez-Casey

I highly recommend this course. I have always wanted to incorporate zero waste and green efforts into events but didn't know where to start. This course definitely provides the step by step process for building a successful zero waste program and is inspiring! The course is practical and the assignments helpful in applying concepts immediately. I am eager to start implementing!
Elizabeth Schumann-Tusch

Excellent and Very Informative Course!

Elizabeth Schumann-Tusch

The course breaks down the entire event process, from pre-event planning to the event itself to post-event reporting, into easy steps. It covered so many aspects that I hadn't even considered that I now know must be thought out in advance to ensure success. The homework assignments after each module were very good practice for the lessons just learned. I'm so glad I took this course and I look forward to putting my new knowledge to work. Thanks, Julia!
Tammy Dickerson, CMP, The Baker Group

"Excellent information for any event producer"

Tammy Dickerson, CMP, The Baker Group

“Loved learning about how to make my meetings more sustainable. Excellent information for any event producer.”
Kyra Popp, Wisconsin Dells Visitor & Convention Bureau

"Lots of takeaways"

Kyra Popp, Wisconsin Dells Visitor & Convention Bureau

"Julia did a fantastic job engaging with the audience. Everyone had lots of takeaways. If you're looking for someone to talk about zero waste events, think about Julia Spangler."

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What You'll Learn In This Course

This is just a sampling of the detailed, practical info contained in the course.

  • Why your current recycling efforts aren't working

  • What the phrase "zero waste" means when applied to an event

  • The most environmentally beneficial thing you can do with event waste

  • The 5 areas where events have the biggest opportunities to reduce waste

  • Practical zero waste alternatives to common event supplies & giveaways

  • Tips to maximize the amount of food you can donate

  • The secret to successful relationships with waste haulers and charity partners

  • Why "wishful recycling" is a major concern for events

  • The groups you need to include on your zero waste team

  • The best bins to use for separating waste (and how to set them up so they're easy to use)

Plus you'll learn how to...

  • Purchase supplies for your event less wastefully

  • Reduce event waste even if you don't have the budget for reusable dishware

  • Design signs & banners to be reusable for multiple events

  • Determine the most responsible waste stream for every item used for your event (including how to tell if an item is recyclable or compostable)

  • Find compost facilities in your area

  • Divert even more waste by connecting with community organizations

  • Design signs that guests will actually understand and follow

  • Efficiently measure waste without relying on vendor data

  • Calculate the waste diversion rate of your event and track your performance over time


I've helped the following organizations keep event waste out of the landfill:

  • Live Nation
  • Pacers Sports & Entertainment
  • Visit Indy
  • Accent Indy
  • Second Helpings
  • Indiana Sports Corp
  • Indianapolis Zoo
  • Indy VegFest

Course Format

In this course, you'll receive...

  • Video Lessons

    Video content divided into manageable lessons to easily fit into your busy schedule

  • Assignments & Resources

    Interactive homework assignments to reinforce what you've learned and provide you with practical resources to use again and again

  • Bonus Resource: The Ultimate Zero Waste Event Checklist

    A step-by-step checklist for each step of the zero waste event planning process, based on real experience from numerous events

Achieve dramatic zero waste results.

Enroll to learn the simple 6-step process to make it happen.

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What types of events does this course apply to?

The process you'll learn in this course applies to any type of event, including:

  • Corporate meetings

  • Fundraisers

  • Banquets

  • Festivals

  • Conferences & conventions

  • Weddings

  • Luncheons

  • Cocktail receptions

  • Trade shows & exhibitions

  • Any other type of event


  • Julia Spangler

    Owner, Ecosystem Events

    Julia Spangler

    Julia has designed this course based on her unparalleled experience in conducting waste reduction and diversion programs for meetings and special events. She has led waste diversion programs at events with up to 24,000 attendees and her programs have resulted in waste diversion rates as high as 92.5%. She specializes in designing programs that are effective and practical in the context of events ranging from association conventions to banquets to festivals & concerts. Julia has collected her expertise into this one-of-a-kind course so you can learn from her experience and become equipped to achieve zero waste results for your events.

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